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    I am interested in purchasing a Treo 270 sometime during the summer. I currently have a Visor neo and wanted to upgrade to a color model, also I want a reliable cell phone ( all I seem to buy turn out to be pieces of crap). I go to school in a somewhat rural area (The Eastern Shore of Maryland), with verizon an ATT being the only carriers that are not in anysort of roaming here, but neither carrier's network supports the treo. Voicestream and cingular claim to offer roamming in this area ( I would plan to get a nationwide plan to escape these fees), but I know of no one who has a phone with either one of these carriers. I was wondering if anyone one of you treo (or visorphone) owners out there could tell me of your experince with either voicestream or cingular, especially in rual areas. Also, do you think its worth it to get a 270, or should I just upgrade to a prism and get a visorphone?
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    I RECIEVED MY TREO 270 1 HOUR AGO. I live in Italy
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    I live in England and my order status is now 'shipped'. UPS tracking reports that it is in the country and as today is a holiday in the UK I will expect delivery tomorrow.
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    Motomax, when did you place your order?
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    I know the web site says "2-3 weeks" but when is the real deadline that they things are expected to ship in the US?
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    Hey, all you complainers out there, complaining about how you have ordered but not received ... That is just absolutiely too bad ... Really and truly my heart bleeds for you.

    Condsider those of us that cannot even ORDER it yet because we have Sprint and Sprint is CDMA. We have to wait till AUGUST before we can even ORDER it!!!
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    I'm from SE Asia and I am interested in the form factor of the Treo 270. I am currently a Nokia 9210 user. It is definitely a lot bigger than the Treo (an understatement). I would like to see how the Treo fares with this device. I wanted to switch and not regret it.

    The reasons I went for the 9210 is that it has not minimized the cell phone functionality with the introduction of the PDA features.

    It has a keyboard obviously larger than the Treo. You can handle it with two-thumbs operation too. It is also color but not touch-screen. The Home page, called Desk, has wallpapers that can be replaced. It is also OK in daylight with a little bit of squinting. No backlight on the keyboard.

    There are special application buttons for easy launching of apps. The Contacts DB is integrated with SMS, Email (IMAP and POP3), and Phone. Very important for me. No MMS though.

    It has Internet and Web support but just for basic HTML. Sites with Javascripts are inaccessible. Difficult to view web sites even in that rectangular screen.

    It has Multimedia support - recording and playing of WAVs and movie files. I never used these features except my children who borrow it to play with the recorder. Oh and some of the Games, such as Reversi and Solitaire. But with 16 MB RAM, I can't afford to load a lot. There is a 64 MB Card though. How about the Treo 270?

    There is also this Task Manager that can terminate an application that abended. Very useful feature rather than completely rebooting the device.

    But the best for me and the clincher is the ability to create and not just view office-type of documents such as Word and Excel. I can also view Powerpoint. It also has Notes and a Memo Pad. I overlooked the fact of its size because of this feature.

    Given that, would my switch to Treo satisfy my operational needs?
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    I think the Nokia's biggest drawback is that it isn't an open platform -- in that you cannot run the tens of thousands of free applications that Palm devices can run.

    Not having a touch screen is also a big drawback, in my opinion especially when web surfing.

    Smaller form factor for me is a requirement. If I buy a larger device I will be apt to not carry it.

    Also the Treo is considered a "world phone" meaning it will operating the US 1900MHz GSM band as well as Europe's 900 MHz. The Nokia will only work domestically (and some select GSM markets abroad that support 1900MHz) since it is only one band.

    The Treo is software upgradeable (like the upgrade for GPRS due in August). Unlike Nokia phones which generally need to be brought to the service center to be "flashed" for a fee.

    I'm not sure about price points, how much is the Nokia communicator? I think the Treo is pretty competitively priced for all the features you get.
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    With no plans, it's about USD 800.

    I'm still waiting for the Asia version of this (Treo) device.

    How about Office-type of application support for edit and viewing? I need to work out in the field and need to create documents that I can either mail or fax from the device. I also take notes during a conference or meeting so I can later use that as a conference report back to office.

    Does it provide a sort of File Manager so you can see the "directories" on the device and copy back and forth files from/to PC? not just synching with Outlook?

    How is the integration of the Phone Book(Contacts) with SMS, Email, and Phone? Is it seamless? or is there separate database for phone, email, and SMS?

    Does it support Javascript in the Blazer software?

    How about multimedia? Video? Audio? Picture formats? games? Not that these are important to me but would be a good bonus if its there.
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    I am moving to Spain (Madrid), and wanted to get the Treo since I will be returning to the US (west coast) where they also have GSM. Carrying around a phone and PDA seperately is bulky. I looked on the websites of Telefonica etc. and didn't see they supported the Treo. So what do I need to do - should I just buy the phone, come in to the Telecom store, and they'll set it up? Will I have to do any negotiating? Or can I get it with a planat plan price with any telecom carriers? Any suggestions on telecom companies I should use? My final questions is about the base - does it automatically convert the current (with the appropriate plug adapter), or do I need to buy a different base for it (or converter...)?

    Please email me at: (replace the "-at-" with @)

    Thanks very much!!

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