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    Is there a program that can remember which applications use which network connection? For example, when I want to VPN into my company's mail server, I need to use one particular network connection (my personal Earthlink dial-up account). When I want to retrieve my personal email or browse the web, etc., I use Cingular's My Wireless Window. The problem is is that once I've connected to the VPN, it will attempt to use the Earthlink dial-up for all wireless internet connections from that point on unless I switch it manually in the Network preferences. I'm looking for a program that remembers which applications use which network connection, and switch the network connection accordingly when a connection has to be made. Does such a thing exist? Is anyone enterprising enough to attempt it? TIA!
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    Electric Pocket's SmartConnect lets you set which applications use which network connections and automatically switches it for you.

    Details at:

    Electric Pocket
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    Thanks for the info. I tried it out, but found that the default network setting does not save. It changes depending on whichever network connection is last specified in the Network Preferences. The program still works as long as each dial-up application has a preferred network connection set up within SmartConnect. Is that a bug?
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    I just emailed this to Eric, but for completeness...

    "I think this is a mis-understanding rather than a bug - the default shown in SC simply shows what is the default set in Network Preferences. The NP panel is still the 'master' controller, and if you visit it and then exit it will set the new default, replacing that which was last set in SC. Does that make


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