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    The good news is that the 270's silver-grey casing looks much better than the golden-bronze hue we saw in the FCC photos. But I can't help thinking, "Is the default background of the screen really that God-awful light blue?" Hopefully this can be changed in Prefs. I would much rather have black buttons over a white background, as is the case with the VisorPhone with the Prism.
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    Try a program called "Chrome" it allows you to change many of the default colors.
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    Handspring has got some recommendations for those that want sme pizzazz (sP) on their Treo. Check out this link:
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    ...But not in the prefs. I asked a friend at HS that very question. I guess if you are a programmer it is relatively easy to reach in there and create something that changes the color scheme, and even the button shapes and appearance. Looks like we have a mission for our programmer buddies on the boards here! Go create some skins for the 270!

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