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    Has anyone in the US had experience (or failure) sync'ing their corporate Lotus Notes email with the Treo 180? We don't have any data service in Canada yet, so I can't test this out before purchasing the 270. But if it works in the US, it should work in Canada later this summer when we expect Rogers to introduce its GPRS network for the Treo, and finally get web browsing and email.
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    I think the ability to sync Notes is not a Treo thing since the Treo just opens up a standard TCP/IP connection to the Internet. It will depend on what software you try to sync your Notes wirelessly with. A friend is using Avantgo's Pylon (a redirector) with his Treo 180 and swears by it. Being an Exchange guy, would not know!
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    There are many different conduits that will allow you to sync your Lotus Notes/Domino data. Additionally, there are client side conduits that transfer the data when you hotsync and server-side that allow you to access data directly off of the server or via TCP/IP syncing.

    Some local-based ones to look at are Intellisync by Puma, and Pylon Pro from AvantGo. I highly recommend that you stay away from Lotus's Easysync software.

    As for server-side, this of course will depend on whether or not your company's IT department wants to make a strategic move to move support off the desktop and to their admin teams. Lotus has two very good products here, one that allows access to your data via Blazer, and one that provides a mini-Notes client. That one also allows custom applications to be synced to that client. Puma again has a decent product as well.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    Thanks Gregg

    I've forwarded your response to our IT guys and hope they have the answer - after all, they've done it for the Blackberries already.

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