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    I just got my Treo 180 in the mail. It looks great, smaller than I expected. Works fine with the SIM I already had.

    The bad news is I made a test call and the speaker is SO quiet. I raised the volume all the way and I can still barely hear the person.

    Are they all that way or is mine bad? If they are all like that, is there any way to raise the volume more (a hack?).

    FWIW the alarm 'beep' is quite loud, so I know the speaker works.

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    I'm on my third treo, as the first two had defects. The second treo had a speaker which was very quiet - almost unacceptably quiet. My current Treo speaker is fine.
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    Okay, so what was the procedure to get them to replace it?
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    Call wireless support number and demand a replacement. You can find the number on The line is open 24 hours a day I believe.
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    The speaker on my Treo 270 is adequate indoors, but on a city street I can't hear a caller even with the volume turned all the way up. I need to switch on the speakerphone to have a normal phone call. I thought I had inadvertently changed a setting. I guess this means I need to return it. What a shame; I'll already miss it even for a few days. Is there any other way to get the volume up?
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    FWIW, I had the same issue with my Treo 180. The only solution I had was to use the speakerphone instead of the normal phone. I suspect the "problem" may be a limtation in design as oppose to a defect. You will know for sure when you get you replacement.
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    Got mine secondhand, so I don't think Handspring will be replacing it anytime soon.

    I'm hoping for a "hack" to fix it. It seems very simple. I'm encouraged by the fact that the speakerphone seems plenty loud.... all that needs to be done is change the values from the jog dial.

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