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    [please ignore this. just saw that someone brought this up in the 270 forum]

    So... anyone actually dumping their 180 now that the 270 is out? Or, specifically, will HS offer an upgrade path or discount for 180 owners? I'd pay another, say, $150 in order to get just the lit keyboard. Color would be gravy.
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    This is a nobel yet difficult cause to try to turn the HS company around so you can upgrade. I think the quickest path to where you want to get is to sell your 180 and buy a 270. Wait longer on the 180 and the price will drop like a rock.
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    Go buy a used visorphone and take advantage of the upgrade offer, and still sell your 180. Don't delay.
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    This is the best option. You can get a VisorPhone for almost nothing. Perhaps we will start seeing people selling VisorPhone serial numbers as well LOL.

    Originally posted by george_vc
    Go buy a used visorphone and take advantage of the upgrade offer, and still sell your 180. Don't delay.
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    You spoke too soon.

    Still, it looks like it will run you about $200 extra and a lot more effort pulling this trick. I'd still rather just have HS be nice and let us trade up for $100.
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    Personally, I'm ready to take responsibility for jumping the gun and buying a 180 when it came out, BUT would appreciate the opportunity to get the 270 for the reduced (i.e. already phone-plan-activated) cost.
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    What I am recommending to friends is to buy a Visorphone (w/ activation) from (free). Then they go get a Treo 270, at the discounted price, but keep the VisorPhone - Two phones for the price of one!

    Lets do the math...
    270 w/ activation: $499
    270 and VisorPhone w/ activation: $499

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    Buy a "used" visorphone - less than $100 (make sure still has unused Serial Number)

    Buy a 270 with no service contract with visorphone discount $500-

    Sell visorphone - $50

    Net $550 Treo 270 with no service contract
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    I don't want to rain on any well thought out plans here but... I believe I remember the visor upgrade dealing stating that the VP must have been purchased BEFORE 5/25/02


    The used idea is still sounding pretty solid

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    My goal is $300...if I could easily get an unlocked 270 for $300 to replace my 180 I'd do it. Funny though, it's not the color I want (particularly), it's the backlut keyboard and the battery (yes I've installed the patch).

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    Same here-- color is "pretty" and all, but I'm all about functionality, so backlight, backlight, backlight. It's just *ridiculous* that the 180 wasn't born with a keyboard backlight. If you fill up your gas tank you get an $8 cell phone with a lit keyboard, but a device that costs half a grand lacks that feature.

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