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    As a (hopefully) future 270 owner, how would you rate the 180 for browsing the web?

    Do you use it much? Problems accessing websites? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Browsing with Blazer is good. However, you should not expect to have the same browsing experience as on your desktop. Also, you will experience problems with sites that have fancy programming such as Java Script and java. Stick with PDA friendly sites and you will be fine. Most of the major sites out there have a mobile version of the site for small devices such sa the Treo.
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    Just received my treo 180g last week. Browsing with Blazer has been a problem. Not very responsive...fairly long delays. Sometimes I get nothing. Others seem to have no problems. Interestingly that when I use the Eudora browser(EIS 2.1?) , web site access is fairly crisp and a pleasure?? I will have to get in touch with Voicestream and pose this situation to them. Very strange. Anyone having similar problems. Any suggestions will be quite welcome. One final note...when I had Blazer installed on my color visor, I had similarly poor responsiveness with a land-line modem.
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    Blazer uses a proxy server, EudoraWeb does not. However, Eudora is all text. The sites that you are having problems with may be too much for Blazer. Being a text browser without a proxy server, EudoraWeb can breeze through just about any web site. Again its best to stick to PDA friendly sites with Blazer.
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    I've been surfing the web pretty extensively since I've gotten my Treo. I haven't had any problems accessing websites like,,, etc. The list goes on and on...

    The delays you're experiencing maybe related to either your ISP or poor signal reception (if data packets were corrupted due to intermittent signal reception, the packets are retransmitted over and over again, which could be the cause of long delays). And of course, you've got to be realistic in your expectations and remember that it is just a 9600 baud compared to the 28K-48k baud transmission that you get at home.

    btw, I use Earthlink as my ISP.
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    Thanks for your input,guys! My Blazer browsing has been mostly to the default sites that are offered (which I assume are quite pda friendly). I have given up.... Drunkle may have it right... I may have poor signal reception here in az,BUT, I am still unclear on why I am having trouble with the blazer proxy server as compared to using Eudora web browser which has been very responsive....after all, I am accessing those sites through my local ISP....
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