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  • Keeping my 180/180g till they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    2 9.09%
  • getting a 270 immediately

    14 63.64%
  • getting a CDMA 270 as soon as available

    4 18.18%
  • waiting for GPRS/CDMA shootout

    2 9.09%
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    So, I suspect I'm in a situation that some others here are in as well. I bought a 180 early, and use it like mad. There are a few things that still bug me -

    1) no mute - nary a word from HS about this feature, so it looks like "cover the mike with thumb" forever

    2) useless keyboard in the dark - fixed in 270

    3) Voicestream's coverage. Great where I live (Atlanta) Pretty spotty when I travel (Great in NY, terrible in Boston and most of the surrounding towns) My old Sprint phone was better, so all else being equal...

    3) 9600 baud net (and oy! the minutes!) this is the killer.

    So, do I get a 270 now, fix one of my problems (with the keyboard) and pray that the GPRS upgrade works and works well?

    Or, do I hold off till both the CDMA and GPRS models are out and see which performs better? That seems the logical route, but very very frustrating. Especially given the various uncertainty about release dates, plans and rates.

    Just curious what those of you in my shoes are doing.

    (No, I'm not throwing away the money, but I can find takers for my existing Voicestream contract if the CDMA does prove to perform better)
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    I have already ordered my 270. Will say good riddance to my Treo 180 as soon as I receive it. Already got a buyer.
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    I just ordered my 270. Can't wait! Next stop ebay....
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    Ordered mine as well. Sniff..Sniff..good bye, 16MB Prism...
    well..maybe I'll keep it as an MP3 player

    Anyway, HAD to get the Color version. The 180 was just not cutting it for me. Thank god I left the plastic still on it.
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    How will you upgrade if you already have a contract? Are you paying the $699? Ouch
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    I used my visorphone information for the discount..
    it worked for both the 180 and the 270
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    I have never owned a visorphone. Can't I just sign an updated exsisting contract with voicestream and make it a year from now not back in March when I got the 180? Will this work so I don't have to pay the extra $200? Any suggestions? I think it is awful that they penalize the previous Treo owners.
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    One option in poll missing; No upgrade, no grafitti on Treo 270
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    Originally posted by dulinor
    no mute - nary a word from HS about this feature, so it looks like "cover the mike with thumb" forever
    Does anyone know if it's possible to do a "soft mute" button--i.e. one on the screen, but accessible with the jog dial? This seems like the best bet--whether from HS or a 3rd party.

    Also, it's plausible that Handspring hasn't commented because not enough people have raised the issue, so they don't see a sizeable demand.
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    I got tired of waiting for the 270 to be released, so I ordered a 180 on May 13. I received my 180 on May 23 direct from HS. I called HS on May 28 and they will exchange it for the 270 (plus the price difference) *if* I can get Cingular to cancel the phone service otherwise HS wants me to pay full non-activated price. I explained the situation to Cingular and they had no problem with that. They thought HS policy was pretty strange as most with just exchange the phone for the difference in activated prices. Now I just need to return the 180 and wait for the 270 to arrive.
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    My timing depends on price drops...I want to upgrade for $300 or less. Perhaps by the time the GPRS patch comes along prices will have slide that low. If not, I'll wait longer

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