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    Handspring can not ask $850 for Treo 180 in Sweden and get away with it. There maybe some slow thinkers in US who not yet have understood that I, mr World, have my feet under their table. I can hear everything you say and I can get my information exactly where you get yours. I donít pay a silly overprice for any product. I buy it somewhere else or wait for the next guy. But in its context it raises questions about Handsprings future existense.

    Handspring is loosing money but in US they are putting up a fight hoping for the turning point. In Europe they do nothing. Does this mean that the European telecom companies has dictated agreements that include a permanent high price at the local Handsprings officies?

    Telecom companies in EU use a high cash price to contrast a low price combined with high telephone cost over a longer period. They sell telephone time not communicators and have no real interest in marketing Treo. These kind of deals are reserve for the very few underprivileged people who donít know their basic mathematics while the majority use cash cards so you can change company when the prices go down.

    Why did Handsprings CEO unexpectedly step down? A real stupid deal? Why is the retail price where you can see the product in Germany 13 % lower the Handspring postorder price? In Ebay for Germany there is several ď Kaufgutschein ď for less than $1 (a paper where it says that you can buy new Treo 180 for $548). I donít know exactly whats it all about but I recognize a market that doesnít function. Why? As you can see I have many questions and few answers. Help. I donít want to waste my money on a disappearing loser.
    Bo Loftrup
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    I'd better make that HS international. The same story in Australia...

    I even send an email to HS australia... still haven't gotten a reply....

    Sad to see a company that makes nice product foul up this way in the international arena...
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