I will be acquiring a Palm 680 and need some help. I have heard mixed reviews about it, but I'm trading a Sprint Vouge for it(Sprint's not here)and I'm excited none the less.

How is the battery life??I'll just be using mine for calls and txt.

Is it flashable..And by that, I mean, can I install a third party rom on it like alot of the other smartphones. I have a Verizon Omnia now and I know how to flash it and edit the registry and all that good stuff. I also have flashed, and cooked my own roms on my Sprint Vouge. If it is flashable, what are the instructions??Is it thru usb or what??I have seen something on here about an SD card...is a 2gig card big enough?

Is it a good phone??

I'm not gonna be getting a AC charger...What type if conection is it..Mini usb..micro usb..or is it some propriatary Palm connection??

Is it heavier then a Blackberry Curve??

Soory for all the questions, but this is my 4th smartphone, but first Palm.

I guess thats it and I look forward to being here.