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    Currently, Incoming Calls & Alarms gives same tempo of Vibration, thus making it hard to differentiate between them.

    Is there a way to configure the tempo of the Vibration?

    p.s. - TREO Vibration is much too loud, far from being discrete in meetings, shows etc. - Any idea of how to solve that ?
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    Personally I think the vibration on the Treo is very VERY weak. More often than not I cannot even tell when the Treo vibrates while in my pant pocket. On the other hand with my previous Motorola phone I never ever missed a call because of this.
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    I do agree the Vibration is not too strong, but the resulting noise is...

    If I compare it to my old Ericsson T28, the T28 Vibrates stronger but almost sighlently, while the TREO Vibrates like the low priced 3rd party Vibrating replacement batteries for Nokia, which produced so much noise it was better to keep using the ring.

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