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    My original post which received no replies...

    "As I wish to use my TREO on the road, and the law here requests a Car hands-Free Set...
    I was wondering if any of you know of such instrument.

    I was truly surprised to see that Handspring did not take that into account, even after Visor-Phone was out-there for about 2 years now.
    They didn't even wire the relevant output to the main connector - so you'll need 2 wires, one for power & the other for Mic / Loudspeaker + no solution at all for the Antenna, which means - no easy mount in the set as in most cell phones.

    It's just frustrating.

    Any Idea ?"
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    Handsfree cradles usually need access to the mic & speaker because they offer a speakerphone. The treo always has one. All you really need is a powered car cradle, keep it flipped up and you have your handsfree speakerphone.
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    I have tried using the TREO's built in Speaker, but the Quality & Volume where poor.
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    I heard that the treo charger was made by motorola and the motorola chargers available in the market (including the car kit) works for the treo.

    Is this true?
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    Power requirements are 5V DC, but the main issue is the connector type, which I assume is different between Motorola & the TREO.
    Other than that you can use any DC Car Converter.

    From TREO Reference:
    Cradle Power - VDOCK:
    These pins provide a charging path to Treo.The voltage provided to these pins should be 5.2V +/-5%at 1A for
    best co patibility.These ratings are based on the specification of the AC/DC charging adapter that Handspring
    will provide.(For Treo,5.2V +/-5%at 600mA should be sufficient for charging,but using an adapter that
    matches the 5.2V @1A specification is strongly suggested.)
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    From the handspring US website:

    "Q.Is there a hands-free car kit available?
    A. We expect car kits, which will allow you to charge your communicator and talk hands-free at the same time, to be made available in various regions by third-party developers."

    From the UK site:

    "Q.Is there a hands-free car kit available?
    A. A hands-free car kit will be available from THB, a world leader in car kit design and manufacturing, mid-2002. The THB Universal Classic Hands Free Car Kit will be compatible with all Handspring Treo communicators. For more information please contact THB directly at 00800-842-468-5463 (toll free within Europe) or +49 5732-9706-180 (toll number to Germany), or email at"
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    Dear Sir or Madam,
    many thanks for your enquiry regarding our THB product range.
    For the Handspring Treo, we will produce a THB Universal Classic ( ) with a cradle for the Treo 180. It will available in
    calendarweek 27.
    The price for the Basicunit will cost 109,-Euro and the Cradle cost the same

    Best regards
    Dean Taylor

    Bury GmbH & Co. KG
    Robert-Koch-Str. 1-7
    32584 Löhne

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