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    What are some good hacks? And also, if you have any hack questions (such as "do they exist?"). I'll start with a question:

    Any hack that lets you open programs by hitting the up/down buttons?

    I realize that I just posted a hack question on a different post, I just decided I had so many, and others would too so I made this.

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    My Favorite Hacks (in no particular order):

    Font Hack 123 (free)
    MenuHack (free)
    Mi:D (pay :-( )
    MiddleCapsHack (free)
    SecretAgent (free)

    Some nice hacks, but cause incompatabilities w/ Wordsmith:

    SwitchHack (pay :-( )
    Battery Log (very helpful, if it didn't cause problems!)
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    Oh yeah, my hacks:

    Battery Meter Hack- Easy switching between battery types and battery meter with percentage on top
    McPhling- Easy switching between apps
    MenuHack- Allows menu access by hitting top left corner (available feature in OS 3.5)
    MiddleCapsHack- Allows capital letter just by writing letter across to number side
    Padlock Plus- Allows easy password input with buttons, not graffiti

    Oh yeah, and another question- any hack for remapping find button?

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
    -Dan Quayle
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    My faves:

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    My favorites:

    - Crash - No need to unscrew your stylus of unfold a paperclip. Reset automatically!
    - Keyboard - The superior on-screen keyboard.
    - listNavigator - Allows you to navigate and select items from lists using the StowAway.
    - menuNavigator - Allows you to navigate and select items from menus using the StowAway.
    - McPhling - Who needs all of those other launchers hogging memory with the ability to pop-up a list of favorite and recently used apps?
    - MiddleCapsHack - The easier way to capatilize letters with Graffiti
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    check out find button hack - it launches DAs and apps.. I cant find it on PalmGear - it may be under the DAs...

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    Using XMaster as the Hack controller, I recommend (in order of preference):
    • McPhling -- the best of the best for a "launcher shortcut"
    • FontHack 123 (beta) -- allows alternate hi-res fonts to be used on my Clie. Absolutely a joy to have with Lubak's Clie fonts.
    • ClipHack -- allows the clipboard to copy and paste larger amounts of text
    • Swipe! -- I use this a little, allows custom swipes
    • Mi -- LARGE dictionary and Thesaurus available on my Clie's memory stick -- works very well
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