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    I bought a visorphone for $250 with a 1 year agreement w/ voicestream June 2001 I used it until the 180 was released (feb/mar 2002)

    When the 180 came out, I used the $150 existing visorphone discount to buy a 180 for $400 and NOT get a new service contract

    When the treo 270 came out I watched closeley for the product announcement and then sold the 180 for $375 on eBay just before the 270 release

    I then used the "same" visorphone to purchase a 270 for $499 with the $200 visorphone discount and NO service contract. I considered this as a $125 upgrade from the 180 to get the things I wanted, color, longer battery life, lighted keyboard and a new refreshed 1 year warrenty.

    I then sold the visorphone.

    When the 270 arrives I will not be on a 1 year agreement and will stay month to month an minimized hardware costs and got good usage from each product.
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    No one can cry and moan about getting screwed on their deal with the Treo 180/180G. Look at the folks out there who purchased the VisorPhone for $299? I purchased mine as soon as the price dropped to $249.

    Paying $249 for a piece of junk is worse than paying $500 for the Treo 180.

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    Hey here's an idea. Give the 180 to your wife and then order the 270 for youself. You look like a hero and she gets a Treo!!!
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    that is how i ordered my 270 she was complaining about her palm m505. i told her to try my treo and i will purchase the 270
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