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    Hi Everyone,

    I found this over at if anyone is interested.

    Seven Seas Registration FREE from Astraware!
    Go to to get a free registration for Seven Seas! Just type in your Hotsync name, name, and email address and they will email you a code to register the game! This game sells for $12.95 at PalmGear.
    That's right I'm Bad!!!!!!
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    That is cool!!


    How did you find that...
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    I will buy any software. . .as long as it's free! Ha Ha Ha

    Seriously, I'm not a greedy SOB, unlike most people, going around, stealing all the pens and other promotional stuff. Their ruining it for the rest of us. Their twice my age and less mature then me. Pathetic.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, That is cool! Got any more Free Software?
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    Palm sent out an email about two weeks ago with the link on the bottom.
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    Great find...I want more more more...
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    Is it a good game?

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    It's a little like Daleks, if you ever played that, but with some real improvements and a pirate theme.

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