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    According to The Wall Street Journal, the Treo 270 (color) will be "introduced" "next week." And the price will be $499, not the $599 that Handspring has always said.

    That's the good news. Here's the bad news: "heavy e-mail users may want to wait to buy a Treo until this summer, when Sprint's version will come out. It will work on Sprint's forthcoming high-speed network, providing a nearly always-on experience for downloading e-mail, much like the BlackBerry does, eliminating the need to constantly place calls to get e-mail. It will also download mail much faster than the current Treo and will offer billing plans oriented toward heavy data use, thus limiting runaway phone bills."
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    Won't the promised GPRS capability also provide always-on-email service?
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    Hi....Wasn't sure if anyone read this also.

    As a longtime VDx owner, I am anticipating the 270 like a few years ago, for the VDx. I just hope they have better luck with the shipping woes (does anyone remember that?)

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