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    My 755p crashed again, random. Got a funny little error message followed by a complete hard reset all on its own. Even wiped out Resco. I have been re-installing several apps, but can't seem to restore everything to the same point from my last hot sync. This is the 3rd time this has happened, and I am just about reay to give up on palm. Advice?
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    You need a real backup program like Rescoe backup or Tealbackup. Then store a copy of your phone on an SD card in your phone, and also copy that card to a folder on your desktop computer.

    If you are worried about crashes, ditch your phone. I have had Palm based phones for 10 years, and they ALWAYS crash. The 755p is probably one of the most crashiest I have ever owned.

    After 10 years, I gave up.
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