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    I just discovered that PalmaSutra 2.1 came out in March. I tried to find their website and I haven't been able to find a working one in English. The closest one I found was this Dutch site but the download link and the English link don't appear to work. Does anyone know what the deal is? Toolkit (or someone else who speaks Dutch), is there any explanation on that site?
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    Palmgear has it here , except when you click on the download, you get:

    Afin de garantir à tous un service d'hébergement de qualité,
    ce site est temporairement inaccessible
    en raison d’une consommation excessive en ressources techniques.

    Seuls les abonnés Tiscali peuvent continuer à le consulter.

    Ce site sera à nouveau accessible en début de mois prochain.

    Merci de votre compréhension
    which translates (roughly) to:
    In order to guarantee everyone a quality hosting service, this site is temporarily inaccessible because of excessive consumption of technical resources (bandwith exceeded). Only the Tiscali subscribers can continue to view it. This site will be again accessible at the beginning of next month. Thank you for your understanding, the team Tiscali perso Pages/
    You could try emailing the author:
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    As this is an essential application, to which you can't wait when in need ...
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    Thanks guys!
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.

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