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    Greetings. I just purchased a Visor Neo to replace my Deluxe. The
    question is can the Neo and the Deluxe use the same Palm Desktop
    Software on the same desktop computer. I am Running Windows XP Home with Handsprings Latest Palm Desktop 4.0.1HB software. The Palm Desktop setup asks for the Model Visor solo , Deluxe or Neo , or Platnium etc as separate choices. The conduits appear to be different for the neo and Deluxe. Anyone know of a work around? I am not keen on third party software but would consider it if necessary. I am using different Hotsync names for each unit and a USB Visor Deluxe cradle. Any input would be great.

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    At home I use 1 palm desktop and a prism and an edge. You don't need to do anything. The software that you are syncing to is the same the only thing is is that not to cause problems you shouldn't use the same hotsync name on both devices. Just sync it up...

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    I made a rookie mistake. I have a software app called Comlink installed on my Visor Deluxe. This app can allow you to manually set the communication port to one of the following: Serial, USB, SIR, IrComm. It was set to Serial so I can Sync to my serial cradel at work (NT 4.0). I need to switch it to USB when I go home. I think that was the issue. Thanks all that replied.


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