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    I would just like to commend and highly recommend Astraware for their wonderful games and customer service. I've always been hooked on the demo version of Atomica and the full version of Zap!2000 and recently won in their contest for the anniversary of Bejeweled. Unfortunately I had won a copy of Zap!2000 which I already owned, so I sent them an email and they offered me a list of alternative games. I picked one and along with a small request for a registered version of Atomica sent an email back to them. I got a responce the next day (On a Canadian holiday, not sure if it is in America) and they actually gave me a resgistered version of Atomica. YAY! Talk about good customer service, for someone who wasn't even buying one of their games. A truly wonderful company with truly wonderful games.
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    I would like to second this.

    I also won a copy of Zap!2000, but I already had this game because I bought a Visor Gameface. So I e-mailed the head of the company from his e-mail link in his community boards, and he sent me a response saying no problem, just tell me what game you want and we will give you a new code.

    So now I have a Bejeweled (and Zap!) code

    Actually, I have two Bejeweled Codes -- I got a message from the company with their standard --thanks for registering-- and I got a simultaneous message from the person I asked with a different code (both which work!)

    Thanks to Astraware for great Customer Service! I will definitely consider them my first choice for buying games in the future!
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    That's the best so far!!! Three games!!! I havn't played them yet but it's so cool that I won something. I was skeptical at first. But I guess that everyone did win. THANKS ASTRAWARE!!
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    The other games that it came with are duds...police range and space they say in macaddict bleechhh LOL!!

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    I also higly reccoment Astraware!

    I (used to be, no more time) a beta tester for them - and it was so fun. They come out with great new games monthly, and they are always responding to emails ASAP!
    -Michael Ducker
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    How do you become a beta tester?
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    If you would like more free Astraware software, see this thread.
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    Originally posted by tantousha
    How do you become a beta tester?
    Join the community boards. When you do, you will see a message at the top saying 'click here to become a beta tester'
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