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    Got an email from Actual Soft indicating an uncertain future for MultiMail. Anybody know anything more specific?

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    I think that MultiMail is dead because:

    1) MultiMail Pro has not been updated since 1999.

    2) Palm bought Actual software a while back. The Actual software webpage, while indicating that Palm bought it, has also not been updated since the purchase. If you click on any of the contact links you get "page unavailable".

    3) I contacted Palm about a question I had about MultiMail one week ago (There are a total of 152 entries in my Saved Preferences for MultiMail. I wondered if this was "normal" given that most programs have one). No one knew how to answer the question. After an exchange of three or four emails, I was blown off by technical support with the following: "We understand your problem. This is the way the program functions".

    Given the above, I bet MultiMail is no more.
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    I've got MultiMail, so that's disappointing. It still works, but it would be nice to have a product that is has a future.

    What else is good for a Palm mail client?

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