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    I just released MaTreo v1.0 to the public as freeware.

    MaTreo is a freeware frontscreen for your Treo: it displays an elegant aliased analog clock, a battery indicator level, current carrier and roaming (if any), signal strenght, date and time. additionally, you can customize the title string and let MaTreo to turn on the light for a specific period of time.

    I bought a Treo about two months ago, I'm a windows platform developer for passion; I wanted to make a trip around PalmOS programming, result is here for downloading: hope you like it! =o)

    see MaTreo at home and at
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    set it to be able to go to the launcher on any screen tap and you've got something here!
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    it's first on the whishing list :-) but I though to call the Phonebook instead.
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro
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    Originally posted by matro
    it's first on the whishing list :-) but I though to call the Phonebook instead.
    well, in that case, make it customizable. that would be the best thing.
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    THat is a classy piece of software!

    I really dig it man.

    Please add features.

    You won be over.

    The smooth animation, sexy time piece of the future.
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    I noticed a slight bug in the program -

    If you enter a long character string for the title (for instance, Voicestream Sucks..), it will truncate some of the beginning characters.

    If you fill the entire title string, it will truncate 4 of the beginning characters and add garbage characters to the end of it.

    These will not become noticable until you switch away from the app and then switch back to it.

    Very nice app tho.
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    I like it. Now I wish I had color! I can't wait for the next version. What I really like is an application that can send smilies and other images via sms. Let us know if you see one that works with the Treo.
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    just a minor note on an otherwise outstanding little app. On my Treo using Cingular WIreless here in CA, the MaTreo display does NOT show the carrier name. It does show when there is no service, and does show the signal strength. Thought you'd like to know. Ciao!
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    thank you for your feedbacks and bugreports. I currently have my Treo on repairing. development will continue whenever I'll got it back.

    in the meanwhile, stay close to MaTreo website for news!
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro

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