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    Has anyone put a Treo in either of these cases?

    Visor Sport Case for Visor & VisorPhone
    InCase PDA Pouch

    This thread suggests that the InCase one doesn't have an antenna cutout, but since the Treo + antenna is shorter that Visor + VP + antenna, this might work anyway.

    Come to think of it, either of these might work too:

    Any thoughts?
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    Sportcase works rather nicely. Its what I used until I found a Brookstone that had the flap/tuck case. The neoprene and brushed suede-like substance provides a substantial amount of padding. It is, however, a bit too long. That means the Treo isn't vertically snug in the case. However, that could be a good thing, since it also means the antenna isn't sticking way out where it could get knocked around. A little bit of it does stick out, and there is a cutout for it, since this case is designed for visorphone use. The case is also a bit harder on one side, so as to better protect the screen of a visor, or in the case of the Treo, the view window. It doesn't have great belt attachment capabilities.
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    Originally posted by pbryon
    Sportcase works rather nicely. It doesn't have great belt attachment capabilities.
    Would it work better if it didn't have the antenna cutout at all? I think that's what the InCase is. As for attaching to anything, I don't especially care. It's more for dust and light shock protection when I don't have it in a pants pocket.
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    I stand somewhat corrected. When you push the treo all the way down into the sport case, you can shut the flap over the top and have no antenna sticking out. I must'venever crammed it all the way before, probably to make it a bit easier to get out. When its all the way down in there, the easiest thing to do is pull it out by the antenna, which may not be the wisest thing. But now that I see it, the incase or the sportcase would work equally well, and if you want FULL protection, choosing the incase without the antenna cutout may be best. Assuming, of course, that the incase is the sportcase without the cutout...
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    FYI, just "in case" you didn't know...

    The Visor sportcases *are* manufactured by Incase. They even include the little Incase label sticking out the side of the case.

    I've had one for about a year now for my Visor. After reading this thread, I just might use it with my Treo (arriving this week) until I find a better case...

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