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    Interested in comments from anyone who has parted with their Prism and gone back to monochrome for the Treo.
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    Not me - I went the Visorphone (actually Airprime's CDMA version - a VERY good product). I couldn't switch back. Looking forward to a Treo 270 - the Airprime CDMA version of it.

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    Looks like you won't have to give up color with the new treo coming, if you can wait.
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    I sold my Prism and got the Treo. I miss the bright screen of the Prism because it was so easy to read (indoors).

    The Treo screen is about the same as most other b/w pda's. But the backlight is alot brighter, which makes it easy to read in dim lighting.

    No way am I paying $200 extra for the color Treo version.

    I don't regret my switch for a second. The treo is great.
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    Got lucky...199.99 Treo 180 on yesterday.

    I have a Prism, and a Nokia 8290. I hate the phone, for the fact that the screen cuts out on me all the time, and after 3 or 4 returns to VoiceStream, not 1 has worked correctly.

    The Prism, on the other hand, is too big. Im a highschool student, who used both last year, figuring out that Prism was too big to pocket, and a brick to pull out in the middle of class.


    Flip phones are on the rise, and it looks

    I didnt sell the Prism, yet...maybe it can find a place in my life. But for now, im ready to fall in love with the Treo!
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    Nice Avator, MikeGold, too bad your facts are mixed up...
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    I went from a Prism to Treo180 and have no regrets at all. This is truly a MOBILE device. With the Prism I always had the feeling that I have to LUG it around all the time. The Treo is hardly noticable.
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    Decided to just go for the 270.

    It is a great device!


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