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    Is there any to have SS import the current category list rather than having to drag and redo all the apps and their category??

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    However I do NOT recommend you use this method.

    Simply Keep a copy of the file SilverDB-tric.PDB

    And then when you need your settings back after a future full restor , Sync (Install) That file to your PDA.

    A BETTER method however is this.

    Go get a copy of TealTools
    And keep all of the catagories within the TealPad portion of the program.

    Then keep a copy of the TealPadDB file wich will later be created on your PDA.

    I also do these 2 things.

    -Encrypt the Contents of the TealPad DATA using TealEdit ( Also Withing TealTools ) >> Sellect ALL >>> Encrypt

    Then I can Unencrypt later >> Sellect ALL >>>UnEncrypt.

    -Keep Serial Numbers for ALL of my Programs on it.

    NOTE: Make sure you don't OVERWRITE anything within TealPad you may Allready have.

    Best Of Luck to you . And I hope this Helps Man.
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