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    My Treo is so perfect that I've almost decided to "live with" the one thing it won't do: Send Pop3 e-mail. My "workaround" is rather awkward, namely to copy a sender's e-mail address and paste into an SMS message and send a tiny reply note (max 160 characters). Is anyone succeeding at actually sending Pop3 message? I realize there are many permutations to this problem and most likely no one's situation matches mine: 1) Live in California, 2)use Cingular's My Wireless Window, 3) access messages through Pop3 servers via either Eudora or One-touch, 4) Retrieve (successfully) mail in my Earthlink account, which has a Sprintmail address, 5) unable to send or reply to e-mail messages via my outgoing mail server which is either, or, or (none of them work). Eudora's Web page admits that Sending Mail is sometimes difficult because ISP's try to keep out spam. Anyone have an idea about this?
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    You can also use BugMeMessenger to send outgoing email.
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    Which ISP are you dialing into? You usually have to use the SMTP server that belongs to the ISP. So if you want to use EarthLink's servers, you will have to dial into EarthLink.
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    When trying to send email from your Earthlink account using Eudora, do a "send and check mail" instead of a "send mail" only. I don't know if it will work but this is a common solution for many people who have the same problem. What it does is Eudora will authenticate to the server first by checking your email, remain logged in, and then send your email. Give it a try, there are other work-arounds as well but let us know how that works first.
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    I have been having problems with sending mail also with "sin"gular and since I'm not as smart as Greg G. I never really fixed it but found a work around.

    Instead of tapping on "send" I save the composed message in the outbox and then do a "send and receive" from the main One Touch screen. A small pain but I can live with it until I find an easier fix. The only other problem I had that this method would not cure was remedied by a "configure your Treo."

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    PS let us know if you find something different, I'll probibly give it a try.
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