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    Anyone else using the facebook app on their Centro (or other PalmOS device)? Just seeing if anyone else has had the app being unable to connect to Facebook in the last couple of days.
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    no problems here although I only use it for uploading pics
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    It works almost fine, I can loggin and update my status, I just cannot see all of my friends status, I get always the same friends status even if I refresh or clear cache, If I go to my friends list and select one, I can see his wall but his status comes out blank.

    I though I was only seeing the last upgraded status, but my husband changes his status and I do not see it! Its always the same 20 friends I can see, the others are blank! and the others are not listed in Home or in Status windows

    I have deleted and reinstalled fb app on my Centro and get the samen friends status all over again they are not even my favourite friends! I wish I could see them all or at least get to choose which 20 I want to see!

    Anyone with this problem?
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    is it possible in treo 650 ?
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    for what its worth the app is very old and not very reliable. you're better off using facebook mobile.
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    I got rid of it on my 755p for the reasons mentioned above. I just log into the mobile Fb instead. Less painful.

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