Since I bought my treo, I have bought 3 different cases. My opinions of each appear below. Keep in mind that prior to the Treo, I had a startac and a v60.

First I bought the Caseworks "Convertable". Simply put, this one is garbage. It is made of flimsy "pleather" and does not hold the treo securely. I would not reccomend this to anyone.

Then I got the Action Case from Handspring. This was ok but was a really bulky. It felt like I had one of those 35mm camera bags attached to my belt. You certainly can't wear a suit jacket over it without it bulging out.

This brings me to my new best friend - the Praxio holster which I got from This is the perfect carrier for the Treo in my opinion. It is sleek and keeps the unit comfortably against the body. It keeps it more secure than any other case and is very well designed to snap the unit in and out of. This is the one I would recommend.