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    Can anyone offer comments on how physically useful the keyboard is, considering its small size? I'm OK with Graffiti but I like the idea of using the buttons unless they're too damn small. I have average size hands.
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    I found it hard to choose between the two, the Keyboard is quite usable but I don't find the device as user friendly personally without the graffitti area so I chose the 180g and thought if I want a keyboard I can just tap the abc and you the onscreen with my stylus just as quick as I could type with the small keyboard.

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    I have been using Palm OS graffiti devices for years and I actually sold my graffiti and biught a keyboard version. The keyboard has a slight learning curve, but it is a much better input method for a communicator device. The Graffiti Treo didn't look like a phone at all and didn't have the nifty tricks that the keyboard Treo have. PLus with the keyboard version, you can still use graffiti with Jot or Screenwrite.

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