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    I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to try LauncherX out since it was first anounced a few months ago. It seemed like a perfect combination (for me at least) of Launcher III, Megalauncher, and Silverscreen, and that had me really excited about it. Yet I have not heard anything about it in quite some time.

    Does anyone have any more info on it about its features or when it will actually been released?

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    I purchased Launcher III on Jan. 26th because of the thought of a replacement for it was Coming Soon. I guess someone jumped the gun because after 90 days and quickly approaching 120 days - that's not my definition of coming soon.

    It better be worth it, if and when it does arrive.

    This whole situation is worse then Palm announcing the M505 last year and not shipping for over 60 days - imagine that!

    As anyone listening at Little Mobile Creations - I'm not certain that Benc Software should have "sold" this to them?
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    or....ordering a FlashPlus from MatchBookDrive on Jan 3rd and still not receiving it....


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    My understanding is that it was not Bozidar Benc (the LauncherIII guy) who jumped the gun but SONY. They included info on LauncherX with one of the new models they announced a while back.
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    From the Launcher X Website:

    A Note to our Customers:
    We apologize for the delayed release of Launcher X. This was due to some personal hiccups in Bozidar Benc's family. Bozidar is a core member of our development team. We'd like to thank our customers for their patience. Launcher X is now back on track and will be ready for a late June release.
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    Ah! Finally, the Launcher X marketing folks wake up!

    Though they may have wanted to wait until they had seen some definite progress. Good for them -- I'll wait.

    Thanks Terry!
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