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    I searched but did not find the answer. Some of the threads are old and with memory technology moving so fast some of the old threads may not be applicable now.

    I just activated a 755P (coming from a 650) and need to get a card. Which card should I get? I know it takes a mini SD. I've also read that you can get a micro SD with a mini adapter. I don't need the biggest size. 4 gb is plenty. Is speed of the card important? Thanks!
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    I have an 8GB SanDisk card branded as Radio Shack in an adapter. it works well. It is high speed, but I really don't notice any difference between it and the 4GB card I replaced.
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    What class are your cards? class I slowest class 6 fastest. Radio Shack has a class II Sandisk micro SD for $15. They don't have a micro to mini adapter though. Neither does the local Best Buy.
    Where did you get your adapter?
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    I got it at a RS for around $23. it's a class 2. I already had the adapter, it came with the phone.
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    I got a 4gb Kingston

    KINGSTON 4GB MICRO SDHC 2 ADAPTER SDC4 4GB-2ADP CLASS 4 - eBay (item 290402200845 end time Mar-14-10 20:19:27 PDT)

    It came up as a Toshiba on the phone. Had a lot of trouble at first. Whitescreen lockup had to remove battery to reset. Reseated card to adapter to phone a bunch of times and still got the lockup. Then it started working and has been trouble free so far. Are these things that flaky or did I get a reject that will suffer an upcoming impending failure?

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