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    I would like to get a new Parrot CK3100 BT Handsfree car kit, but I'm not sure if it will work in conjunction with my Palm Treo 680.
    I remember that the first software release of the 680 caused problems with the BT Manager and Parrot: the connection would hang or the BT was not disconnected after the Parrot was switched off... I'm not sure if the BT problems were solved with the later software updates?
    My Treo 680 has software release 2.12-ROW (with BT Manager 3.2C included). Before buying the Parrot, I would like to be sure that it's gonna work correctly..
    Anyone knows?
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    We use Treo 680s at work, they work fine with the Parrot CK3100, and the THB Bury kits.

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