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    I am looking to get an effective expense tracker. I have tried a few demos, and they have so far fallen a little short. What I want to do, is track a date, category, and dollar total, and then give myself totals per category for a week, or a month, or whatever. So I can get myself a total spent on gas, or on food, or on entertainment, ideally it could have two categories so I can further and distinguish food between personal expense and business expense for example, but that's gravy (I could always just make personal-food and business-food as a category)

    I am using a spreadsheet right now, but it is kludgy at best, and hard to maintain in a clear way.
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    Have you tried the built-in program "expense"? It synchs with Palm Desktop.

    It looks like you'd need to use the "personal-food and business-food" idea.
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    It would seem my clie does not come with expense. I heard about that, and scoured my bundled software, no expense. *sigh*, a dissapointment, it would seem a worthy program to bundle.

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