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    Originally posted by whitewolf
    Can action names and datebk5 be installed on the palm for determining which one is liked better, or do you need to remove one?
    You can run both at the same time ---however be advised that the icons used in Action Names are assigned by location in there own PDB file and if you load Datebook 5 and start using icons from the Action Names table then you will effect this location mark and your icons will change when again viewed in Action Names.

    The two programs use the Palm Datebook PDB file for storing and accessing the datebook and todo functions and strictly allow different views of that data, also the address book table.

    You can safely delete either one of the programs and all of your Palm datebook, address and todo tables will remain intact. You will lose just the added functionality and history information that either program provides which is not part of the normal Palm tables functions.
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    Originally posted by Jupe
    I think that this has been discussed on the DateBk Users Group at Yahoo. I think CESD said that the reason Action Names offers small fonts in the day view and DateBk4/5 does not is that DateBk4/5 offers in place editing of appointments in the day view and Action Names doesn't. For a more thorough explanation search the archives at that group.
    Yup -- thanks for jogging my memory. Something about in-place editting requiring the use of standard font display software.

    However, I'm still curious whether you could use some of the smaller Lubak fonts to sorta get what you're looking for.

    In fact, I'll try it right now -- here, live on the Internet.

    [Dramatic music.... "He's switching to Lubak's Handera 16 font, folks.... Steady.... STEADY...."]

    Hmmm... well, you get a lot more text in Datebk5 Daily View horizontally, but there's you get blank space at the bottom -- i.e., only there's a max number of items that can appear vertically in the display.

    It's a bit less ungainly with the Handera18 font, but not much. I don't know if this would be worth your while. (Back to Lubak's OS5 font for me!!!)

    If this is a significant issue for you, Mike, I can see the appeal of ActionNames for you.
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    Somebody was bound to do this:
    A Palm user has posted a petition at against Iambic's
    recent actions.

    I have just signed the petition myself, I would encourage others who
    feel Iambic's actions were unethical to do the same.
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    significant....well that remains to be seen. I really like the small font display. It makes the use of the splitscreen that actionnames uses much more useful, and I like seeing a lot without having to scroll. DateBk still has more powerful appointment management features, and there is always the week and list view which can go small....

    I guess I will have to keep poking at both, using them alternately, and see for myself.

    Thanks for the discussion
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    does anyone have a link to Datebk5, I tried searching for it on palm gear but it just links me to Iambic( which I have now and like cause I can call directly from the contacts section).
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    Originally posted by tberidon
    does anyone have a link to Datebk5, I tried searching for it on palm gear but it just links me to Iambic( which I have now and like cause I can call directly from the contacts section).
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    i am a registered user of Action Names. i've not yet tried DB5. however, Iambic's actions regarding the domain names, along with their ridiculous "explanation" make it simple for me to say that the company will never see another dime from me. when i upgrade my software, it won't be with that evil company.

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