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    Thought folks here might like to know that a major new version of Ringo is now available.

    Ringo offers you the chance to:
    • Set personal ringtones for individuals and groups
    • Compose your own ringtones
    • Convert 1000s of free tunes into ringtones
    • Share ringtones with your friends

    More information is at, where you can also download a free trial (which limits you to one 'friend').

    Ringo 2.0 costs $9.95 - I'm afraid free SMS registration is no longer available, as our children need new shoes

    Please note that if you tried the beta of V2.0 you should delete that before installing the new version.

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    Ringo vs. TCRinger + HoHo
    We need a comparative review or something of that sort.
    Most importantly, will they all work togeather without conflict?
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    I've been using Ringo 2.0 with HoHo. HoHo for converting ringtones, Ringo for assigning ringtones to callers. They both work well and I don't see any conflicts.
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    I don't know if this is possible, but it would be fantastic if ringo could assign rings by what catagory the contact is in (i.e. family, friends, work, etc). I have several hundred contacts, all with multiple numbers, and assigning them all to specific rings would take an eternity.

    Is this possible?

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