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    Anyone know of a website/service with a catalog similar to iTunes/Napster/Amazon that will allow you to purchase and download mp3s directly to a PalmOS phone using Blazer? Amazon's website specifically states that mobile devices aren't supported. Napster's web page starts loading, but then it sits in an infinite loop "Syncing your Napster Collection".

    Any other sites I could try?
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    Blazer is not a good browser to download MP3 as it usually exceeds the download limit (which is depended on how much free space you have less a specific amount, I forgot how much). Current websites use their own software to do the download which are usually PC based. Perhaps other users can chime in for ideas.
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    The Amazon webpage actually said something like "this mobile website doesn't support mp3 downloads", so I decided to see if I could do it using their normal 'non-mobile' web page. It IS possible, but you have to REALLY NEED to have the song and for some reason can't wait until you get to a computer.
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    I have downloaded from Amazon website and they use another software to download. Since it requires a PC to install it, I don't know how you could download from the non-mobile web site to your phone. Have you tried other non-moble web sites that offer free MP3 just to test?
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    As I said, you have to really be hard up to do it thru Amazon. But once you find a non-mobile address for the mp3 you want, the download page gives you an option to just download without using their downloader or player app. (Amazon's main page redirects you automatically to mobile friendly page - I searched for the mp3 on my laptop then copied the url by hand into blazer. Very tedious.) Maybe Iif I bookmark some non mobile Amazon page, I could use that as a starting point.

    I haven't tried any other sites.

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