Why, exactly, do we believe Donna when she says the CDMA color Treo will be out by the end of Q2? Come on, there are always last minute glitches, so if they SAY it will be out at the end of June, reality is much more likely to be end of Q3 or Q4.

I am month to month on Sprint currently, and am leaning towards switching to Verizon for a year (mostly 'cause I think the Motorola V60 is the cool phone to buy these days - well, ok, that and the Eriksson/Sony T68i, but GSM coverage is terrible in my area) while Handspring works out the kinks in the CDMA version, and Sprint works out the 3G network.

Someone argue with me, please, since I really WANT the Treo, but my rational side is telling me to wait (isn't one of the cardinal rules of technology never buy version 1.0 of anything?)