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    The new Launch'em has external media support:

    Launch 'Em 3.5 Features:
    Removable Media Support
    SD/MMC Cards
    Handspring Flash Module
    TRG Pro AutoCF
    COLOR (on color handhelds: Palm IIIc, Handspring Visor Prism, etc.)
    Grayscale (on handhelds with Palm OS 3.3 and above)
    German version available
    Launch 'Em is beamable
    Three position toolbar
    List View
    Compatible with Palm OS 3.5 and 4.0
    Supports Sony CLIE JogDial
    Improved user interface
    Folder tabs can be placed on the sides in addition to top or bottom
    Organize applications alphabetically or manually
    Application icons can be placed in more than one folder
    Support for organizing PQAs, databases, Docs and more
    Allows tapping directly on databases to open them in supported applications
    Room for up to 10 of your favorite Launch 'Em Gadgets
    Enhanced display for remaining battery voltage and free memory
    And many more surprises not listed here!
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    The feature sets are nice, but it is not enought to make me want to upgrade. Still looking for the perfect launcher for my Treo. I am using Launchem 3.0..but looking for something that is designed with the functionality of the Treo in mind.
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    Two major points against:
    • No hi-res support
    • Launch 'Em, when I used it for a year, while a good app, was not as solid as I hoped.

    Launcher III, on the other hand, has been rock-solid. So I'll wait a little longer for Launcher X to replace Launcher III; hopefully no longer than the end of summer.
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    It might give LauncherIII a bit of competition, but once LauncherX is released, I seriously doubt it will compete with that. That is, of course, WHEN LauncherX is released.

    I really love LauncherIII and would not even consider changing to LaunchEM, but if it were my first purchase I would certainly try both.
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    The SD media support is not very good. You have the option of either having Lauch'em monitor the installation of a card or not and they recommend on the Palm Game Pak cards not to have it monitor. Well, this means that upon insertion the normal Palm application manager launches so that I can run Bubblet. Now with Launcher III, it handles the installation without a hitch.

    I emailed synergy support and was told that Launcher III does not handle the SD card installation any differently then III....B.S. Their support people didn't even read the email, if they had they'd of realized that they were wrong.

    On the flip side: I've been waiting for Launcher X now for over two months and I have a registered version of Launcher III as well as Launch'em. What's happened to Launcher X? What's taking so long.

    Synergy took over 8 months after the release of Launch'em to get a very poor version of their software out in order to handle SD cards but Launcher X has had my money for over two months now while I await a product that will live up to advertised an upgrade price.

    Shouldn't there be some regulation (a registered Republican stating, I can't believe I used that language) preventing a company from advertising a product that it's not going to define the actual ship date or release date?

    Handspring and Palm have slipped up in the past with release dates on their products, Launcher X and Launch'em have done the same thing.

    In my mind, Sony is the only company on the Palm side that has done a good job of stating that we will deliver a product and they usually release the item within one month of annoucement.

    Thanks for letting me vent - and dont' by Launch'em if you want to use the Palm Games Pak Card!
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