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    If you fancy a bit of adventure, you might like to try out the alpha release of Ringo 2.0, which I just posted to

    The exciting feature of this release is that you can now set different ringtones for different callers... you can set up 'friends' within Ringo, and choose a different ringtone for each one. More information is in the readme file included in the zip file.

    Usual alpha software warnings apply, and please send your thoughts and bug reports to me,

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    cool...havn't had a chance to d/l yet, but sounds fun.

    I keep trying to register via. SMS but I never get anything back, in the old version.
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    I keep getting a 404 when I try the link you posted...
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    Uh oh-- competition for TC Ringer. The game is afoot. However, that link seems to be broken.
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    As it says - small capitalisation problem - amazing the difference it makes

    Correct link is as stated above...
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    small bug report, I guess... I've tried a few times to register via SMS, but it never works. Is there another way to register for free?

    I'll give this new version a try, it sounds cool, especially if it can be registered for free. ;-)

    Though, I currently prefer HoHo for my ringtone management... is there any way to split off the original Ringo from this new feature in Ringo2? Not that I need to conserve RAM yet, but I always hate duped functionality. ;-)

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    It works for me. Two improvements to suggest:

    1. Allow lookup of numbers in the phone book.
    2. Allow grouping of numbers and assignment of ringtones to the groups.
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    Ringo 2.0 is now released, with a few improvements over the beta - namely address book lookup and simple support for groups. Details at

    If you tried the beta, please make sure you delete it before using the new version!!!

    Thanks for your feedback and help,
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    Can I have different tones depending on the text or
    sender of an SMS message?
    For example, I'd like some SMSs to not make much of a noise,
    or example periodic "I'm alive" messages a computer might send.

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