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    I may be getting a 755P but before I do, can someone tell me if PDANet will work with the latest Sprint s/w rev for the 755P? I thought I read a post here that Sprint disabled DUN with a certain s/w rev but I can't find that post again. Thanks!
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    While I purchased PDANet, I have never had great success with it on Alltel or Sprint. I have been using USBModem trouble free daily on Sprint with no problems. PDANet connects, but for unknown reasons, automatically disconnects about every 10 minutes. PDANet also crashes my 755p whenever an alarm goes off while connected, or if it tries to auto-update 4cast or SnapperMail while connected. USBModem has not caused any of these problems for me. I feel that my additional expense for USBModem was well worth the purchase price.

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