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    YESSSSSS! I finally got Avango to work... not to sure what i was doing wrong in the first place, but it is working!

    So... what do you guys use for channels? Why do you use them and what other cool web sites do you sync?

    P.S I can see why some people are addicts, this program is so useful.
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    I use Avantgo mainly to read articles while on the go. My channels are NY Times, CNNSI Sports, Weather Channel. Mainly so I've got something to read while on the Subway or whatever. I've been using it over a year, but now I have a VisopPhone, and I'm interested in Avango's potential as a wireless app. I'm quite happy with Blazer as a browser and One-Touch for email; so what can Avantgo offer me now that I've got a VPhone?

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    Handstory is another option that deserves considering. Does the same things, but is extremely easy to add custom channels, customize hotsyncs, etc.

    Try it at: Handstory

    I paid for it after only a few days of experimenting. Also serves as photo viewer, memo pad, ebook (future), ..... very versatile
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    Originally posted by g_scream
    [...] So... what do you guys use for channels? [...]
    • A Daily Dose of
    • Bbspot
    • Cato Daily Commentary
    • Cato Daily Dispatch
    • CNET
    • InfoWorld to Go
    • Headlines
    • Palm
    • The Cisco Mobility Series
    • The Onion
    • The Weather Channel
    • VisorCentral
    • Windows & .NET Magazine Mobile Edition
    • ZDNet To Go
    Why do you use them and what other cool web sites do you sync? [...]
    Most of them are just news sites which are useful to stay informed of the tech sector. Bbspot and The Onion are for amusement.
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    Been on AvantGo since December, maybe earlier. Added Open Port Mobile edition some months ago and never got anything. When I try to open it, I get a message that says I "don't have permission to open / on ..." some server I don't remember at the moment. I thought it was network timeouts thru my GPRS connection but I get similar results when I sync through my PC. Anyone else have similar experiences? Wanna know before I mail AvantGo support.

    Thanks in advance.

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