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    As far as I can tell my ROM contains some corrupt files. I have some issues with my Treo 680 and hard resetting it won't solve them (even if I don't restore any backups/hotsync).

    The problems go as following:

    - If I use the internet the device will randomly freeze when it stays locked doing nothing, people can still call me but the phone won't ring or record a missed call, the freeze feels a bit like when your PC freezes because it can't read a CD

    - The phone can't show the battery level correctly, it always displays a maximum of 75% when fully charged, formatting the battery or a hard reset did nothing and the battery is fine (tested in a Treo 750)

    I figure I have some corrupt files in the ROM that keep getting copied in the internal memory when I hard reset the device, I thus want to replace the ROM but already having the latest software update I'm unsure of how to accomplish this, any ideas?
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    you could always replace your rom with some cooked ones. just browse the forum for the afforementioned roms.

    i used to do this with my treo 650 because i needed memory space.

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