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    My 4 gb kingston mini sd card just died on me, won't even recognize any more or format. Now i'm looking to get an 8 gb micro sd card to use with an adaptor, since there are no 8 gb mini sd cards. Before i bought it i wanted to see if anyone had success with particular brands. I'd prefer class 6.

    I see a ridata and a transcend one for about 23 and 27 dollar respectively. Anyone have success with those?

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    I've had no issues with my Sandisk Micro SD
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    I have an 8GB SanDisk card branded "Gigaware" by Radio Shack. Other than the fact that the Treo says it sees a4GB card (and that has been talked about in another thread) I have no problem with it. I have the tiny micro card in an adapter.
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    +1 for SanDisk. Their cards worked great on my 755p and 700p.

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