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    Is anyone aware of any Palm OS communications application that enables network connections to ISPs using "double encryption" on their networks?

    My current ISP, PeoplePC, is incorporating the "double encryption" protocol across their network. Until I asked them to modify my account to allow my Prism to connect, I could not access their network using the standard Palm OS Network Preferences with my Thinmodem.

    PeoplePC says their ability to modify my account and enable my access will disappear when they have completed the full rollout of "double encryption" across their entire network.

    For my Prism and Thinmodem, the clock is ticking down to "Unknown Network Error".

    Have you any thoughts or suggestions for potential solutions?
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    hi tylerdog! perhaps the telnet protocol? try a telnet app like mocha pocket, but you'd better ask peoplepc if you can use it. ciao!

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