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    Hey...just want to know if anyone has info on where I can get this program because it is not available anywhere I looked
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    If it's still up, it's at there was an article about him over at PIC that spoke of Nintendo asking him to remove this game, Maryo Bros and others from his site.
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    I found Donkie Kung Jr. here.
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    I have the program...I just need the keygen...what about that? I have all the other games...registered except that one...I will gladly trade...
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    Talk to Aaron Ardiri.
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    Originally posted by visorprismman
    I guess you didn't understand...
    I have the program...

    but, you originally said ...
    Hey...just want to know if anyone has info on where I can get this program because it is not available anywhere I looked

    I mean, if you have the program why did you ask for the program? Seems like we understood your request, but you didn't make the request you wanted to.
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    There is no way to register it...can someone help...I can trade...dammit come on!!!
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    Too bad, buy a Nintendo. They also have the AXE gaming system on eBay that makes these games portable.
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    If I understand you request right, this is not the place to ask for warez. If that's not what you're asking for, then you might want to clarify instead of making some of us think you have a limited vocabulary.

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    Listen people I'm not asking for warez...I just want to trade programs...I need the keygen for donky kung by aaron ardiri...he doesn't accept registration anymore...why would I ask for warez anyway? What do you mean about a limited vocabulary...what gives!!! I didn't post to be insulted??
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    You should be more specific. I'm not sure of the legality of swapping programs anyway, it's probably legel. The only issue comes in where developers issue a keygen based on Hotsync name.
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    If ardiri has stopped giving keys, it is now a discontinued product. There is no legal way you can get it now. (trading won't help much thanks to keys being tied to the name)
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    Now can we trade?
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    I don't have it.
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    I have Maryo Bros that you can have...
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    Trading Palm software programs ia a grey area in the PDA world since they are generally linked to the name on the PDA. Thus, VisorCentral does not condone such activites and this thread will be closed. VisorPrismMan, sorry that Donky Kung is unavailable, as I recall Nintendo asked Ardiri to stop selling it.
    -Michael Ducker
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