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    Going to use a Bluetooth module and was hoping to do some wireless browsing on the Visor in OSX
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    Won't any browser work then, try Blazer.
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    I don't get the connection. What does OSX have to do with surfing the web on your Visor?
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    Bluetooth only works under OSX. Most browsers for Visor are not OSX compatible.
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    Technical guru i am not, but I think that the BT D-Link thing and the Red-M module communicate regardless of the host OS, please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Woody...maybe I'm missing something obvious, but blue-tooth is blue-tooth. As long as the visor can connect via blue-tooth, the actual browser, and the actual host machine's OS are irrelevant.
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    Thank you for your reply's.

    Again, Bluetooth on the Mac, will ONLY work with OSX.1

    Secondly, I need a browser client for my Visor Pro that will work with Palm Desktop 4.0 and OSX.1
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    It seems we are still confused. You have a bluetooth module for your visor. What bluetooth device will that be communicating with?

    If it is a bluetooth phone, then it does not matter what OS you have on your desktop computer. It should be just like browsing the web with a VisorPhone or a Treo. The Visor uses the PalmOS and the desktop is not involved.

    If you have some sort of bluetooth network card on your mac, and you want to browse on the Visor while in range of the card, I don't know if there are any solutions for that yet, for Mac or for Windows.
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    Thanks Dennis,
    Yes I wanted to use my Mac DSL connection to do some work with the Visor. Built into the new MacOSX is the ability to communicate using a tiny little adapter that plugs into the USB port. On the Visor side I have the Red-M module.

    I do realize however that a Bluetooth phone would do the job, but we don't have GSM here in CT. Our speeds through the phone are limited to 14400.

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