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    Looking for a web browser to work with Mac OSX.1 on my Visor Pro without much of a fuss. Any sleek solutions?

    Thank you.
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    You should have Internet Explorer right there in the Dock. And if you look in the applications folder you should find Netscape as well.
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    I loved IE 5 in OS9. In OSX, it is less than stellar. It is the slowest of the browsers out there for OSX, and it has some very annoying little features (like it can't handle OSX's long file names and it can't prevent annoying pop-up ads like some of the others can).

    So...there are some better options:

    OmniWeb - this seems to be the favorite, though It's not my favorite
    Netscape 6 - Not to shabby...too many features for me, though
    Opera - My current favorite. Not as pretty but REALLY fast
    iCab - supposedly REALLY good, though I can't get it to run
    Mozilla .9 - I think this will become my favorite. Highly customizable.
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    Does Opera support encryption yet? I really wanted to try this, but the last time I checked it didn't support SSL, etc. Java was another thing that they didn't support at the time, and I need that for my bank's website.

    Same thing with Mozilla, only they claimed it was supported. I certainly was never able to get it to work (I was trying a 0.9 release on NT at the time. Hey, it was the company's machine, not mine ) . BTW, Mozilla has just gone 1.0 RC1. Most likely there's a Linux binary out there, but I don't know what the turn-around time is for other platforms.

    Still running IE 5. It definitely has it's share of quirks, though I haven't run across anything serious yet. One of the most annoying things I've found was bringing it to the front after hiding it for a period of time caused the scroll bar to be greyed out. Had to go to favorites, choose a site, then hit the back button to get it back.
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    I have been less than impressed with non-IE browsers. I had to give up too much to switch from IE 5.1. Until now. OmniWeb 4.1, currently in beta, will do it for me. It's stable and has all of the functionality I've come to expect. You can use it free and download it at:

    Now if only Apple, a fan of OmniWeb, could only support it throughout their website we'd be in business.
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    Any kind help for my original question?

    Is there a browser for the Visor that works in Mac OSX.1?

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    What's the purpose of the web browser? Is it just to synch web pages with the Visor? While it's not a web browser, iSilo will allow you to convert entire sites to iSilo format and browse them offline. It includes support for hyperlinks. At least it's worth looking into.
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