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    Just got a Visor Pro and am running a dual boot system of Mac OS 9.2 and 10.1 .

    What is the software of choice that I can use Excel and Word docs? I am using the updated Palm software 4.0 and "Documents To Go" is only compatible with 2.6.3. "Quickoffice" appears not to work on a Mac.

    Any other software out there?

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.
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    Wordsmith by Blue Nomad has recently released a Mac OS X Conduit for their program, I believe.
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    Need to edit Excel doc, not just view.

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    You can edit an Excel doc with Docs to Go, I don't think you can create a new one on the visor, tho.
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    Docs To Go is not OSX compatible & does not work with Palm Desktop 4.0

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