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    The palmos stores preferences related to each program (bye itself, or by the program who whishes to saved data). Proof of that is the cathegory of a program, which is remembered when you re-install a deleted program. And tha fact that some programs, completely deleted and reinstalled, have their setup already, in some case (obviously from the saved preferences or somewhere, beacuse I tricked the hotsync by cleaning the "archived" and "backup" folder on the PC side from any identifiable program, only the preferences and some other basic prc/pdb where there)


    If programs are deleted for ever (like some crap you tested and flushed after 30 seconds..), isn't that an obvious MEMORY LEAK?!!

    I mean, I had to hard reset a few times, and reinstall whole setup I had (memos, address, todos and calendar too), and I found myself with at least an extra 200k!!! (on a 2 meg visor, it's easy to spot that extra room!)

    Are the records (added to the saved preferences database) flagged and associated with a owning program/creator ID? Are they flushed like the database belonging to a program, upon deletion?

    3-Are there any tools to "registry clean" the saved preferences? And maybe track down and warn for unowned databases (I mean, some forgotten database that could be tossed aside by the tool, until you figure out that you need it, then restore it)?

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    When I saw your post a while back, I thought your questions were very good ones. Unfortunately, no one responded. Well, we have rotten weather today so I thought that I would do some digging.

    Question 1 - I do not know if that is a memory leak or not but I suspect that this is the reason why it takes so very long to back up Saved Preferences when you hotsync.

    Question 2 - No, the records are NOT deleted! I know this for a fact because I used a program that I found to edit the saved and unsaved preferences and found a lot of left-overs from games and utilities that I had tried and discarded.

    Question 3 - There is a program called PrefEd that allows you to look at the entries in the saved and unsaved preferences. One column displays the creator ID and the other the owner. If their is no owner (i.e. no program associated with the ID) it displays "-none-". You can then select a record and either view or delete it. This process is manual in that you should verify things before you delete them. Simply having the owner say "-none-" may not mean that there isn't a program. In order to do this, you need to go to the Palm OS Creator ID database and enter the ID and see what program it goes with. If it is one you no longer have installed, you can delete it. Another warning is that if you have a program installed on a SpringBoard module and the module is not in your Visor, "-none-" will show up for the owner.

    I went through today and did a little spring cleaning of my saved preferences. No crashes yet. Of course, there were a whole lot of IDs that had no owner and no match in the Palm OS ID database. These included: RTdA, rcsi, Scap, SSsl, swmr, HMpM, tric, Lcd7, MoRe, TaNk, Jp42, sW20, ibMQ, and MRGw. I am too much of a chicken to just delete them and see what happens.

    Hope this helps!
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