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    I am currently evaluating weather to obtain Quickoffice or Docs to GO Pro. I am currently a VDx user and am considering an update to the NR-70V (V beacuse it will allow for 2/3 of the functions of the Springboard modules I have already been purchased to be covered).

    I would like to hear what others think about these 2 programs. I have read many reviews and am still undecided.
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    Go with wordsmith...especially if you have a Stowaway Keyboard.

    I believe Wordsmith offers the best bang for the buck, as I have heard that Docs to Go has problems keeping up with the stowaway, whilie Wordsmith is basically built to be used by it.

    If spreadsheets are important, go for QuickOffice, the word processing is very similar now, and both use the the same spellcheck.

    However, I would have to recommend against Docs to Go entirely. I just have not heard many good things about it

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    I keep hearing people talk about problems with DTG and the Stowaway but I have really not experienced any. There was a slight lag between typing and when the words appear when I was running one particular hack. When I deleted that hack, it disappeared. I found that the driver works well with DTG (no backspace problem that I hear some WordSmith users complaining about) and that all of the special keys and functions work as they are supposed to. I have had no problems and been very happy with DTG.

    I am using DTG Pro version 4.005 and Stowaway driver version 1.6 on a Platinum.

    BTW, I also use listNavigatorhack and menuNavigatorhack by PaulComputing to provide some of the functionalities that ThinkOutside SHOULD include with their drivers for the StowAway!
    Laptophack was just too intimidating!
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    Wordsmith and MiniCalc
    Wordsmith and MiniCalc
    Wordsmith and MiniCalc
    Wordsmith and MiniCalc

    Need I go on? Wordsmith is THE best word processor, period. Minicalc is probably the best spreadsheet out there. Blue Nomad, the makers of Wordsmith, are coming out with a spreadsheet program so if you can, I would wait for that.

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    Wordsmith and... well, I use QuickSheet, but I'm not really in love with it. I understand Blue Nomad, the maker of Wordsmith, is working on a Spreadsheet program.

    Until I have a chance to look at theirs, I'll continue to use QuickSheet. WordSmith I am absolutely and totally in love with.
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    The Sony NR70(v) already comes with Docs to Go Standard. Check the specs on the sonystyle site.

    That said, I'll *still* go with WordSmith for word processing. No question, it's simply the best. And you get excellent, timely support from bluenomad.
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    True but I can get QuickOffice at a very reasonable price - even less than the upgrade from DOCs to go std to docs to go pro - I am alos wondering of the Docs to go std is v4 or v3 (like it is on the Palm m125).
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    It really isn't possible to tell from the specs *which* version of Docs to Go is offered with the NR70 series. Perhaps you'd do well to go to a site like (they have a topic reserved for that model) & post your question.

    Since the NR70 hasn't been released in the States yet, it is possible that when it is finally available here some software may be different or different versions -- it has happened before.

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